<cfif isDefined('form.tella')>
    <meta http-equiv=
"REFRESH" content="4; url=http://www.yoursite.com">
        <cfmail to="#form.tella#" from="info@yoursite.com" subject="A friend wants you to check out YOUR SITE HERE" server="mail.yoursite.com">
            Someone you know has visited YourSite.com and requested we send you an email regarding...

            Check it out today!

            <a href="http://www.yoursite.com">YourSite.com</a>

            Thanks for your time!

            Person's Name


        Your friend has been emailed. Thanks for spreading the word about YourSite.com!<br><br>
        You'll be directed back to YourSite momentarily. Or, you can click below now.<br><br>
        <a href="http://www.yoursite.com">Back to Home page</a>
    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="94%">
    <form name="frmTellaFriend" action="tellafriend.cfm" method="post">
            <td colspan=
"2" align="left">Tell a Friend About YourSite:</td>
            <td align=
"left"><input type="text" name="tella" size="10" value="Email Address" onFocus="document.frmTellaFriend.tella.value = '';"></td>
            <td align=
"left"><input type="image" name="btngo" value="Search" src="../assets/graph/send.gif" width="37" height="21" border="0" alt="Send Email"></td>



About This Tutorial
Author: Ryan BeMiller
Skill Level: Beginner 
Platforms Tested: CF3,CF4,CF5,CFMX,BlueDragon
Total Views: 86,381
Submission Date: January 13, 2005
Last Update Date: June 05, 2009
All Tutorials By This Autor: 1
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